Digital Surgery is Driving a Cultural Change

CytoVeris’ proprietary algorithm, OncoSIGHT AI™ will make surgery smarter and safer for surgeons and patients – no matter who they are or where they live! OncoSIGHT AI™ will empower surgeons to make critical decisions in real-time to achieve optimal results during a cancer resection.

Real-time visual data insights

Democratizing surgical visualization

Procedure Adaptability

See OncoSIGHT in action

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OncoSIGHT AI™, is the framework of our digital imaging technology, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning in conjunction with advanced optical imaging tools. CytoVeris’ intelligence software is foundational and will allow for future adaptations in various cancer types and anatomical structure identification.

Surgical Intelligence Strategy

Advanced optical imaging techniques referenced to high fidelity histopathology results underpin our OncoSIGHT AI™ surgical platform development.


Leveraging cancer biological indicators-both biochemical & morphological


Multi-excitation & emission specimen imaging

AI // Machine Learning

Embedded machine-learning based tissue classification

The Clinical Pathway


Characterizing tissue indicative of cancer

Collaborate with Pathologists at leading institutions to gather large volumes of data on freshly excised specimens in the normal surgical-pathology workflow.

Build and Validate the AI classification algorithm to differentiate cancerous from normal tissue.

Identify Surgical Oncology KOLs to help guide technology development and influence clinical community.

Validate the Platform through pivotal clinical studies establishing outcome data to support marketing claims, regulatory approval, and reimbursement.

Cancerous and non-cancerous tissue is analyzed by advanced optical imaging and compared to pathological results for precise AI algorithm development

Visualization data sets are learned and then trained to characterize tissue based on natural biological indicators intraoperatively.

Validation of platform through pivotal clinical trials establishes outcomes data to support clinical and economic development opportunities, including reimbursement.

Real-time advanced visualization tools allow surgeons to intraoperatively image tissue indicative of cancer and provides critical information to make informed decisions.
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