Meet the 6 startups working with Hartford HealthCare

Naomi Diaz – Hartford (Conn.)

HealthCare’s innovation ecosystem has helped six startups and companies develop and test their ideas.

The health system’s innovation ecosystem provides innovators with new solutions, clinical pilots and investments, according to a Dec. 8 blog post from Hartford.

Here are seven startups the ecosystem has backed:

  1. CytoVeris: A Connecticut-based company working with Hartford HealthCare to develop and validate artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to increase the accuracy and precision of cancerous tumor removal.
  2. Holistic Hospital Optimization: An analytics platform using artificial intelligence and machine learning to address operating room scheduling, staffing efficiency and improved length of stay.
  3. Ibex: A platform that aims to increase diagnostic accuracy and enhance pathologists’ ability to quickly and accurately detect cancer.
  4. Lineus Medical: A company that reduces cost, prevents waste, optimizes nursing time, and eliminates unnecessary IV restarts.
  5. Wellinks: A company developing a virtual care solution for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  6. Upfront: A company that specializes in designing communication channels and tailored content that digitally guides patients to services they need.

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