CytoVeris Appoints Dr. Michael Fenn to Company’s Scientific Advisory Board


CytoVeris Inc., an emerging company formed with the vision to change the paradigm in cancer surgery through the introduction of optical-based “guided surgical tools”, today announced the appointment of Dr. Michael Fenn, Ph.D., Harvard University, as the newest member of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Dr. Fenn serves as the Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences at the Harvard Innovation Labs. He is a biomedical engineer, entrepreneur and startup advisor working within the Harvard innovation and entrepreneur ecosystem. Dr. Fenn brings to CytoVeris significant knowledge and expertise in Raman spectroscopy, machine learning, and clinical translation of medical devices.

“Our SAB brings a broad range of expertise and knowledge that is critical to CytoVeris’ product design and clinical translation plans, and we are thrilled to have Michael, an accomplished scientific professional augment our interdisciplinary team in advancing our devices and realizing our mission,” said Dr. Alan Kersey, President and CEO of CytoVeris.

The other members of the SAB include Professor José Costa, Professor Emeritus of Pathology at Yale University School of Medicine, Dr. John Moon, Distinguished Scientist and Vice President at Illumina, and Professor Ishan Barman of Johns Hopkins University.

“The CytoVeris SAB provides invaluable guidance and direction to pursue our mission of disrupting the current paradigm of breast cancer surgery and improve lives of cancer patients,” commented Dr. Rishikesh Pandey, Chief Scientist. “Our SAB is comprised of prominent and pioneering scientific and medical experts, and we are privileged to welcome Dr. Fenn to this esteemed group.”

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