The Tumor Margin Assessment and Profiling System, TumorMAP™, is a multi-spectral imaging system that uses ultraviolet-excited autofluorescence and optical reflectance to assess tissue indicative of cancer during surgical procedures, beginning with breast-conserving surgery.

The platform offers an intuitive user interface and is seamlessly integrated into the surgical workflow. In addition, the platform provides dynamic information to enable surgeons to visualize tissue previously invisible to them, thus improving the quality of surgery!

  • Large touch screen display
  • Ultra High Definition Resolution
  • Connectivity to PACS and EMR
  • Automated tissue sample tray
  • Report generation
  • Non-toxic and non-destructive to tissue
*TumorMAP™ is not yet cleared for use by the FDA.


Excitation & emission imaging

No dye

No imaging agent

Cost effective

Value added


Actionable Feedback to Surgeons


Tissue Margin Accuarcy


No disruption, reduces time

TumorMAP™ quickly identifies cancerous tissue by producing an optical “biomolecular fingerprint” of the changes associated with metabolism and tissue microenvironment.

TumorMAP™ features an innovative and transformational advanced imaging technology that provides on-demand objective insights into cancer visualization. Optically driven sensors powered by AI allow for integration into core robotic and MIS technologies, creating potentially transformative capabilities.

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